How to add a Amazon Rufus equivalent Assistant to your Shopify Store

Incorporating an AI assistant akin to Rufus into your Shopify store will not only enhance your customers’ shopping experiences, but also automate aspects of your customer service. It’s a win-win situation that every Shopify store can benefit from.

But Rufus is for Amazon, how can you create a similar experience in your own Shopify Store?

We launched a Shopify App WhatsGPT that could help you achieve the same with few clicks powered by ChatGPT 3.5/4. Also there is a very competitive free plan for you to start on. So give it a shot!

WhatsGPT Example Picture


Install the App: Navigate to and click install.

Configure the Assistant: Customize your AI assistant according to your needs. You can set it up to understand your store’s policies, products, and answer frequently asked questions.

Configuration page

Test your AI Assistant and Customize look: Placing several test queries yourself or by getting a few trusted acquaintances to do so, can help ensure that the AI is working optimally and delivering the right responses. Also, you may customize the look to better suit your store.

Look Configuration page

Enable Live Chat: Integrate your AI assistant in your theme

Select extension in your theme page

Open your store: Open your store and you will see a popup in the right bottom corner, and now your customers can experience the most advanced ChatGPT powered bot tailored for every customer.

WhatsGPT Example Picture

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