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Sales Chat Bot for Superior Customer Service & Sales Growth

Round-the-clock, multilingual customer service support, making it the perfect tool for all Shopify merchants seeking to streamline their customer engagement and sales process.

WhatsGPT Chatbot Example

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with AI

Boost sales

Experience ultra-personalized service for each customer, finely tuned to fit your store's unique needs.

Auto Synchronization
WhatsGPT seamlessly aligns with your Shopify product listings and shop policies. This means your AI assistant is always up-to-date with your store's offerings and rules.
Most Advanced AI Powered
WhatsGPT uses advanced AI technology and advanced indexing mechanism, ChatGPT 3.5 and 4, answering general inquiries and turning them into confirmed sales.
Blazing fast
Built on secure, global cutting-edge infrastructure, its multi-channel integration with Azure and OpenAI to act as your 24/7 customer service representative for any country in the world.
Knowledge base configuration

Free up your time

Your reliable customer service assistant, even better than real human.

Free up your time from customer service tasks and direct your focus towards enhancing product design and optimizing logistics with the power of AI.

Cutting-Edge Precision

More than just ChatGPT, we leverage the newest vector indexing technology to scrutinize and refine responses. This ensures the provision of the most accurate answers, enhancing customer interactions and driving customer satisfaction.

Multi-Language Support

Internalization is not a problem, Cater to a global audience with ease as WhatsGPT supports multiple languages. Regardless of your customers’ native language, they will receive fast and accurate assistance.

One-time Easy Setup

Setting up your AI customer service requires only a minimal one-time setup. No prompts required, you can upload Word and PDF files to further train your bot.

Affordable Price

Pricing plans for shops of all sizes

We offer free plan!


Quite generous free plan for small businesses.


  • 500 users per month, 1000 requests included
  • 24/7 customer service bot
  • 30 auto synchronized products
  • Trained on products and shop policies
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The essentials to provide your best work for clients.


  • 700 users per month, 2000 requests included
  • 100 auto synchronized products
  • Upload PDF/Word/TXT files
  • 24-hour support response time
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Most popular

A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.


  • Unlimited auto synchronized products
  • Unlimited users per month, 15k requests included
  • Dedicated support
  • GPT 3.5/4 powered
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Dedicated support and GPT-4 for your company.


  • Unlimited auto synchronized products
  • Unlimited users per month, 15k requests included
  • Highest support priority, dedicated support
  • GPT 3.5/4 powered
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About 3 Step, Inc.

Developed by Industry Leaders:
WhatsGPT is crafted by a seasoned team with seven years of experience at leading Silicon Valley companies specializing in e-commerce and international trading. This wealth of knowledge and hands-on expertise is reflected in the app, promising top-tier performance and a solution tailored to meet the unique needs of global e-commerce scenarios.

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